Looking for web design? Look no further than Castagna.net!

Web design and custom web-based software is what Castagna.net is all about...and we've been at it for quite some time - 1994 to be exact - when we created our first web page.

In "computer geek" terms, that "Hello, World!" moment was monumental.

All these years later, we're all grown up and have settled in the beautiful little town of Aiken, SC where we specialize in web design and custom software. All of the sites we design are custom and tailored to suit your needs. You're not going to find a $99 template site here. Your business is unique and the time spent on your web design should reflect that.

Since most of our web design work is backed by a database, we find ourselves working mostly for real estate companies and their agents, businesses who sell items via the web (eCommerce) and companies that need to get information in front of their target audiences quickly. That being said, we can accommodate any request and look forward to serving you.

We are proud to announce the launch of our first "product" - RealEstateOne - giving Real Estate firms of any size a vibrant, dynamic solution for their web site. As a hosted and self-managed solution, RealEstateOne gives a lot of power to the brokers and agents. RealEstateOne is also modular allowing a Real Estate company the ability to purchase just what they need to start, and add as they expand their services.

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In the coming months, we will be introducing to the market two new product offerings. First will be a small utility application to replace the little pink message pad on the receptionist's desk. This is a Windows application with some exciting features including SMS support.

Second, and much more important will be a hosted, web-based application targeted to the home inspection and home appraisal markets. Both products are in the later stages of development so if you would like to be considered for beta testing, please fill out the contact us form and indicate which product you would like to beta.

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