Web Site Audits

Web Site Audit is really just a fancy name for looking at an existing web site to see what improvements may be made. These are also a great first-step in the process of Search Engine Optimization as the audit will uncover areas in existing pages that may be overlooked and when corrected, will improve the position in the ranking of Google or Yahoo!

Other reasons for an audit could be that a developer has left an organization and management wants to insure that there are no surprises left behind.

Sadly, there are more negative "reasons" for an audit, but they can uncover security risks or vulnerabilities - items which if left unresolved could prove disastrous.

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Search Engine Optimization

If we had a nickel for every time a client or prospective client has asked "How can my site be listed first on Google?" we would have a whole lot of nickels sitting around here. In truth, there is no silver bullet to guarantee a top spot listing in any of the search engines.

That being said, there are plenty of things that can be done to give any page the "opportunity" to carry a web site to that oh-so-desireable number one spot on the list.

Coupled with our web site audit, we can make recommendations on how to improve your search engine rankings.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless networks and hot spots are springing up everywhere these days. Even the IHOP® here in Aiken has free wi-fi available. You can come in for a short-stack and surf the web at the same time. Now, that's convenience!

Castagna.net has worked with business owners to add wi-fi to their establishements - from a coffee shop to a resort, marina or school, we can help. Our network engineers have experience in designing the infrastructure to put together a cost-effective wireless network in most situations.

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